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Use inspection class ROV capabilities to collect video and information at depths up to 500ft.

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Remote Operated Vehicle ROV

FDS boasts the best ROV in the inspection class field in British Columbia.

Capabilities span the environmental, salvage and engineering inspection industries.

A Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) is a unique piece of technology which enables us to collect video and information at depths up to 500ft for our clients.

With six vectors of propulsion and unmatched maneuverability our ROV can collect steady, high-definition video footage, log GPS position information, perform sonar-based search patterns in low visibility water, collect water and sediment samples and manipulate rigging for recovery and salvage operations.

FDS has pushed the boundaries of the inspection class ROV at a fraction of the costs of what a conventional work-class ROV would cost.

Our experienced operators can use our ROV for a wide range of applications including:

  • Aquaculture and environmental surveys
  • Structural inspections
  • Marine builds
  • Marine salvage
  • Search and recovery operations
  • Science and research
  • Portable water system inspection
  • Marine outfall inspections
  • Water intake inspections

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The ROV is also the perfect tool to be used as the first step in assessing a project site prior to the deployment of a diving team. Where complicated lock out procedures or safety protocol may be required to put divers in the water, the ROV allows us to gather the information we need in more dangerous environments. These environments may include busy marine terminals, ports or shipping channels, hydro-electric facilities, intakes or deep outfalls beyond conventional diving capabilities.

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Freedom Diving Systems were keenly aware of the sensitive habitat near the install location. Numerous preparation dives were performed to install rock‐climbing gear to install a temporary mooring line for the work vessel, as well as bottom floats which kept lines and hoses clear of the reef.

Board of Directors, Underwater Council of BC
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