Commercial Diving

Our experienced dive teams are ready to undertake a range of commercial diving projects including marine construction, marine salvage and underwater inspections.

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Commercial Diving

FDS provides commercial diving services for the Howe Sound and Vancouver area.

underwater construction, lift bags and vessel salvage, pressure washing, hydro facility inspections, dredging and more.

FDS provides commercial diving and salvage services for large corporations, private corporate clients, government and individual owners of marine infrastructure. We’re also proud to provide our services for scientific research projects.

We have capability to service all British Columbia. We are centred out of Gibsons, BC, on the Sunshine Coast, and can provide short notice or rapid mobilization to the Sunshine Coast, Sechelt Inlet, Howe Sound, Vancouver and Nanaimo.

FDS commercial diving crews are fully insured and have the experience to accomplish a multitude of underwater objectives.

Our commercial diving capabilities include:

  • Underwater inspections and non-destructive testing of infrastructure
  • Marine construction
  • Underwater hot-works: burning, cutting or wet-welding
  • Ship husbandry
  • Hydro facility inspections and maintenance
  • Marine salvage
  • Search and recovery operations
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commercial diving projects

Marine Construction

Industrial level commercial diving uses surface supplied breathing apparatus and diving helmets to allow our divers the ability to safely dive alongside barges and cranes, employ the power of hydraulic tools, burning or welding equipment, in water up to 170ft deep. With the right equipment and our technical expertise we’re able to accomplish the requirements of rigorous underwater construction.

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commercial diving projects

IMR (Inspections, Maintenance and Repair)

Comprehensive projects usually start with inspections and evolve into maintenance and repair. Our experienced team of divers and topside support can inspect and build recommendations of how to repair or maintain your marine assets. IMR services are available for a variety of marine infrastructure including ports and wharfs along the British Columbia Coast, support piles or sheet wall, intakes and outfalls, ship inspection, hydro-electric facilities (dam maintenance), moorings, breakwaters, etc. and include methods of non-destructive testing.

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What they’re saying about Freedom Diving Systems

Freedom Diving Systems were keenly aware of the sensitive habitat near the install location. Numerous preparation dives were performed to install rock‐climbing gear to install a temporary mooring line for the work vessel, as well as bottom floats which kept lines and hoses clear of the reef.

Board of Directors, Underwater Council of BC
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