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Commercial diving, marine response and salvage, ROV and environmental marine services for the BC Coast and Interior.

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Professional and comprehensive commercial-grade diving, marine response, salvage, and environmental marine services.

Serving the British Columbia Coast

The FDS team values a comprehensive and detailed approach to every project. We strive to provide clients with a high-quality service where safety and environmental considerations form the baseline for operations.

Commercial Diving
Commercial Diving

Operating safely and efficiently, FDS can accommodate projects requiring Surface Supply or SCUBA teams to uphold WCB/CSA standards.

Marine Salvage for Coastal British Columbia
Marine Salvage

Project management and logistical execution of salvage projects from start to finish in full compliance with Canadian Coast Guard Environmental standards.

Remote Operated Vehicle ROV
Remote Operated Vehicle

Get visuals of depths up to 600 feet for environmental surveys, structural inspections, marine builds, salvage, scientific research and more.

Marine Environmental Response for Coastal British Columbia
Environmental Response

Providing marine services to help mitigate impacts on the environment, FDS upholds industry and Canadian Coast Guard Standards for spill response.

Marine Assistance for Coastal British Columbia
Marine Assistance

Proudly operating Gibsons Marine Response in the Howe Sound and Vancouver area, we can be there 24/7 to assist.

professional diving services

About FDS

FDS is a small, BC coast grown company, founded by Kevin Swoboda and Ben Zander. Kevin and Ben share a passion for the water, the technical nature of the marine environment and new technologies.

Their in-depth knowledge and expertise has been honed through the complex offshore-diving industry and the comprehensive nature of engineering and scientific diving assessment projects. Both have spent their entire lives in and around the ocean environment bringing a unique capacity of experiences and abilities, which enable the technicality and professionalism held within the company.

The FDS vision began as a provider of professional diving services where honesty and a hard work ethic are the cornerstones of the service provided.

expert capabilities

Marine expertise you can depend on

Marine Salvage Specialists

Our vessels are ready to deploy at short notice and are fully equipped with diving, survey and safety equipment. Using lift bags we can lift over 1000 tons – the largest capacity of any vessel on the Coast.

Remote Operated Vehicle Capabilities

ROVs are highly maneuverable, underwater machines that are operated remotely and can be used to explore ocean depths. Our ROV also has the ability to conduct outfall inspections.

trust in our experience & professionalism

Our mission is to set the standard for professionalism and safety in commercial diving, marine technologies and the salvage industry in British Columbia.

Our technical expertise in marine salvage and commercial diving provides clients with safe, comprehensive services in the fields of inspection, construction, repairs, and mitigation in the dynamic environments of oceans, lakes, and rivers.

The immensely technical nature of the marine environment requires a keen sense of detail to safety standards during operations. Commercial diving can be dangerous and there are many variables to account for. We lead projects with the highest level of safety, focused on honesty and integrity for our client’s project requirements.

FDS operates compliant work vessels: a fast response craft and an aluminum work, diving and salvage vessel. Our vessels, equipped with a multitude of specialty diving, survey and safety equipment that includes a ROV, allows FDS to investigate and work a dynamic range of depths of the oceans safely. Our response capabilities for salvage include containment options for oil or debris spills.

The marine industry requires safe, professional, and comprehensive results in the marine field and that is what FDS brings to every project.  Cutting corners is never an option. When you work with FDS you can trust in our experience and professionalism.

minimal impact

Our Environmental Policy

We’re committed to a high standard of environmental responsibility while conducting work around water.

At Freedom Diving Systems environmentally minded decisions are made by monitoring applicable best management industry standards and current governmental recommendations and policies. We take pride in conducting our operations with minimal impact to the environment to provide a reputable and responsible service for our clients. In most cases, sunken or derelict vessels, among other types of water related works, pose an environmental hazard and removal strategies include sound mitigative measures so we can accomplish these goals.

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What they’re saying about Freedom Diving Systems

Freedom Diving Systems were keenly aware of the sensitive habitat near the install location. Numerous preparation dives were performed to install rock‐climbing gear to install a temporary mooring line for the work vessel, as well as bottom floats which kept lines and hoses clear of the reef.

Board of Directors, Underwater Council of BC
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